1. We are Energy: Enel


    Can an international company Enel’s size create a true sense of pride and belonging among its employees and their families? Can it be experienced as a real community, attentive to everything happening to its members and capable of producing and spreading culture? And what type of internal communication project can help these objectives be achieved?


    To emphasize the family with a broad educational project dedicated to employees’ children: that is how Enel, since 2005 and in 23 different countries, has transformed integration and a sense of belonging from simple wishes to experienced and perceived realities. Every year, a new theme provides the impetus for a different play/teaching path aimed at recounting the company’s commitment from a particular point of view: from the environment to safety, from technological innovation to nutrition or, for example, sports.

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    We Are Energy is an internal communication project that over the years has been transformed into an authentic international community, lively and proud, with memorable, real-life appointments and the speed of online communication.


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    O projeto conta com um kit informativo e educacional, que é enviado a todas as famílias que o pedirem.


    O site do projeto possui versões em diversas línguas e acesso reservado aos membros da comunidade.


    A cada ano, We Are Energy organiza um acampamento internacional de 15 dias, chamado campus, no qual os filhos dos funcionários se encontram, se conhecem e competem em atividades esportivas enquanto aprendem sobre a Enel e seus valores.


    Antes e depois do campus, os jovens se comunicam online, usam ferramentas interativas para aprender mais sobre o tema do ano e trabalham juntos em missões e competições.